Specific bioenhancers that
optimize the processes of
anaerobic digestion
by improving the yield in biogas..


Anaerobic digestion of organic substrates consisting of manure (slurry, manure, etc.), various kinds of silage (corn, triticale, etc.) and agro-wastes, has an important role in the production of renewable energy.

Problems related to difficulties in the supply of these substrates is the weak link in the entire chain. On this basis, and based on several experiences on plants that have different construction technique, supply plan and management strategy, EUROVIX developed a specific bioenhancer called MICROPAN BIOGAS.

The application is aimed at maximizing the digestibility of substrates, resizing the existing supply plan and maintaining the maximum production of electric energy. It follows an increase in biogas production and electric energy that allows saving of tens of thousands euros per year.

  • Increased production of biogas
  • Reduction of floating layers and foams
  • Reduction of biological instability
    due to the variability of substrates
  • Improvement of digestate fluidity
    with reduction of power consumption of the mixing system

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Research & Development

The Research & Develompment activity  represents a focal point of Eurovix and allows the Company to collaborate as an international leader in the field of applied biotechnology.

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