Leading-edge solutions to grow in full respect of the environment and the community.

The biological solution for the reduction of odour and the waste treatment.


Hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and in general all those calledl public places are areas and spaces in which common activities are performed daily, although with a higher concentration of people.

In this way, problems which are easy to solve in individual size may become problems, due to size, not easily to solve which in the end make managing the normal course of business and economics difficult.

  • Wellness
    Reduction of odorous emissions coming from drains and waste storage locations.
  • Environmental protection
    Degradation of organic waste from discharges, cesspools, septic tanks and grease traps.
  • Saving
    Reduce the managing cost of all the waste water drainage systems

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Research & Development

The Research & Develompment activity  represents a focal point of Eurovix and allows the Company to collaborate as an international leader in the field of applied biotechnology.

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