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Eurovix products are designed specifically to accelerate the natural degradation of organic matter in landfills and composting operations.

The active substances contained in the Eurovix products accelerate the “mineralization” of the organic components present in the waste with the formation of more stable and less odoriferous compounds.The formation of leachate with a low organic content, induced by the use of bioenhancers, creates a significatly lower disposal costs, in parallel with the formation of larger quantities of biogas.

Composting: Based on the use of selected enzymes and microorganisms, allows for the considerable increase of the kinetic reaction in the compost. The bioactivation process allows for the same level of biological stability or to improve the mineralization process of the organic matter in the same time and period.

  • Environmentally Friendly
    Minimizes odor and stabilizes the remaining organic compounds in compost
  • Savings
    Reduces management costs of the operation.
  • Productivity
    Enhances the quality and quantiy of biogas.
  • Air Quality
    Minimizes odoriferous emissions to the employees
  • Environmental Protection
    Stabilizes the production of specific compost.
  • Profitability
    Increases the amount of composted organic matter in the same area.

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Research & Development

The Research & Develompment activity  represents a focal point of Eurovix and allows the Company to collaborate as an international leader in the field of applied biotechnology.

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