Smart products and solutions for the ecosystem.

Eurovix products and solutions are indicated in wastewater treatment plants that require improvement in operating parameters; ad hoc interventions in the presence of specific pollutants; and management of general operating problems and odors.

Specific bioenhancers are formulated and marketed for each stage of the purification process. Eurovix research laboratories and staff have contributed to successful research studies. Additionaly, in selected areas, Eurovix provides the necessary equipment for automatic product applications.

  • Optimization
    Optimizes the biological process and enhances the microflora in the active sludge in biological plants.
  • Productivity
    Improves the efficiency of the treatment plant parameters.
  • Savings
    Reduces energy consumption and operating costs of the plant.
  • Customization
    Provides solutions for specific operating issues.
  • Service
    Provides application equipment and staff training.

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Research & Development

The Research & Develompment activity  represents a focal point of Eurovix and allows the Company to collaborate as an international leader in the field of applied biotechnology.

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