Bioenhancers for aquacolture and aquatic ecosystems

Water quality is the real
challenge for the future


Fields of application

Eurovix bioenhancers are designed to improve water quality and preserve water resources.

Eurovix supports a new aquaculture management concept based on environmental maintenance of production capacity, welfare of the fish and overall economic benefits to the producer.

  • Water Quality
    Increases production and welfare of the fish
  • Economical
    Reduces production costs
  • Efficiency
    Improves the management of the natural or mechanical systems
  • Eco-friendly
    Treated water is returned to the natural environment

Aquatic Ecosystems 

Fields of application

The use of Eurovix bioenhancers minimizes the number of organic pollutants in aquatic ecosystems.

Composed of natural ingredients, Eurovix products are designed to manage aquatic ecosystems regardless of the type of water, salt water, fresh or brackish. These products are non-toxic and harmless to operators during applications.


  • Savings
    Reduces costs compared to other technologies in managing water quality
  • Ease of use
    Minimzes the need for large capital investment to manage water
  • Sustainability
    Continue normal activities while products are being added

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Research & Development

The Research & Develompment activity  represents a focal point of Eurovix and allows the Company to collaborate as an international leader in the field of applied biotechnology.

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