Complex formulations designed to solve environmental problems.


Bioenhancers for the environment

Experience and technology at the service of nature.

Our qualified technical staff offer eco-friendly systems and solutions that contribute to solving the main environmental problems.

The experience gained in the sector allows Eurovix to develop, after careful analysis, sustainable and economically advantageous technologies that meet specific needs.


Environmental sustainability


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In order to meet the numerous requirements of the wastewater treatment sector (civil and industrial), Eurovix has formulated specific products to improve biodegradation processes and, at the same time, reduce management costs by containing the production of biological sludge.

Similarly, Eurovix proposes bioenhancers to optimise the nitrogen cycle, degrade specific pollutants (surfactants, fats and oils, hydrocarbons, etc.), limit management problems related to the structure of biological sludge, and contain odorous emissions.

Bioenhancers can also be used in the absence of plants: directly in sewers or on bypass.



The solutions proposed by Eurovix, aimed at improving the issue, act on three different levels: preventing the formation of bad odours; improving the performance of environmental controls (scrubbers, bio-filters) and degrading odorous substances in the airborne phase. They can be applied both indoors and outdoors, even in large spaces.

Together with the products, the company can supply the necessary dosing equipment functional to the context.



For over thirty years, Eurovix has been the holder of a technology aimed at minimising odour problems and guaranteeing a high standard of quality in the waste collection sector.

We were the first to use solid form bioenhancers for cleaning roadside bins, developing the AGRANETT system which, even today, remains the best proposal in the sector in both environmental and economic terms.

In addition, we can also supply, on request, liquid products for cleaning waste containers.



Eurovix offers a line of products specifically designed to contain the problems associated with waste treatment in TMB and composting plants. The aim is to optimise the stabilisation processes, accelerating their timing or increasing their performance.

Similarly, as part of the final disposal of non-recoverable components, bioenhancers have been developed to optimise the management of landfills, inducing increased mineralisation of the organic component of the waste, with a consequent reduction in odours and improvement in the quality of leachates.



The Eurovix system consists in the use of specific bioenahncers able to accelerate and optimise the biological degradation processes of organic contaminants (both in situ and ex situ).

In addition to the supply of bioenhancers for the bioremediation of contaminated sites, Eurovix can also assist the client in all the phases of remediation, from the administrative procedures to the drafting of projects and the execution of works.



The anaerobic digestion of organic substrates of agricultural, zootechnical or agro-industrial origin plays an important role in the production of renewable energy.

To optimise the performance of biogas plants, Eurovix has formulated specific high-performance bioenhancers. Their use allows to maximise the digestibility of the substrates, reducing the feeding plan, maintaining maximum electricity production with clear benefits in the economic balance of the plants.



In order to reduce the problem of fine dust in urban and industrial environments, Eurovix has developed a specific “bio-fixing” product which, when applied periodically to the road surface, prevents fine dust from rising and promotes the degradation of polluting compounds.

The natural substances in the formulation, which have a high molecular weight and a steric structure, are able to carry out a process of “chelation” of fine dust particles and airborne particles, making it particularly difficult for pollutant dust to re-suspend in the air.

The product’s multi-enzyme component also promotes the degradation of polluting compounds in fine dust.



The biological solution for odour reduction, waste treatment and surface cleaning.

Hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, shopping centres and in general all public places are spaces and areas in which a high concentration of people are involved in daily activities. Thus, problems that are easy to solve on an individual scale often become extremely complex.

Eurovix biotechnologies, specially developed for these sectors, make it possible to limit the environmental impact and inconvenience associated with such activities in a simple and environmentally friendly manner.



From the analysis of the needs of the funeral and cemetery sector, Eurovix has identified an integrated line of products capable of responding to the needs of funeral and cemetery operators.

This line of bioenhancers summarises in a tangible way the results obtained from years of research and represents a valid alternative to the problems related to the use of chemical products.

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